So Nicolas Sarkozy really is George W. Bush’s hidden brother…

Nicolas Sarkozy is stealing France’s spirit and values, and spitting on them. And it is partly the reason why I’m writing this in English. Because I am ashamed to see my country’s strong values being so disrespected. Because as a French, I feel insulted.

But let’s go back and see what’s so wrong about this one.

Mr. Sarkozy was born on (how sad) the 28th of January 1955. In spite of what he likes people to think, he’s never had a tough life – a lawyer as a mother, living (off his mother’s family fortune) in a hotel, in one of the richest districts of Paris. He once claimed how gratifying and hard it was to work during his studies to afford them, how « humble » it made him – yet, his own mother says how easy his life was. It is not too far-fetched to think that he said all that to get closer to the working class, after all, it’s an interesting electorate.

He then became a lawyer, and slowly but surely made his way up, and up, and up. To the presidency (sadly). He didn’t win by far (53% of the votes), but indeed, it was enough for him to be the king. The president, I mean. He’s been wanting to have a very repressive and reforming leadership. A very liberal way of leading the country. He was decided to change the country, and boy, has he tried to change it.

He’s been flushing our values down the toilet. He’s put the police above every French citizen, above the law even (cases of police misconduct have increased since Sarkozy has been elected – because he has increased police officers’ bonuses, making them be more repressive with citizens so they can be paid better), and has brought this notion even further recently : any French citizen with foreign origins (which includes both naturalized citizens as well as children of immigrants, even though those children were born in France) could be stripped of French nationality if they willingly killed a police officer, soldier, any authority representing the country (I would have thought French citizens were the best representatives of the country, silly me). I’m using could be on purpose, because the law has not been promulgated just yet, and has very few chances to be (thank goodness).

For two main reasons : the first one is that you cannot make someone stateless. This is how things are. But the most important reason, to me, is the first article, the base of the constitution of the Fifth French Republic. This is what it says :

« La France est une République indivisible, laïque, démocratique et sociale. Elle assure l’égalité devant la loi de tous les citoyens sans distinction d’origine, de race ou de religion. »

Which gives, in English :

« France is an indivisible, secular, democratic and social Republic. It ensures the equality before the law of all citizens, without distinction of origin, race or religion. »

That is because our constitution is based on the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. So, basically, when Sarkozy says that this is what he wants, even though it won’t happen, he spits on those who are at the origin of the idea of the Human Rights. He spits on France’s motto : « Liberté, égalité, fraternité, » or « Liberty, equality, fraternity. » He, as the president, spits on the country he’s the (dick)head of.

But that’s far from being it.

The recent Roma expulsions are another thing. Another thing that irritates me to no end. How can the head of a country stigmatize a culture and people like he’s doing it? As much as French people are free to think what they want to think, the fact that Sarkozy is acting as he is, is putting a very bad mark on France. He’s labelizing my country as one where not everyone is welcome, when the values I’ve been raised with tell me the complete opposite : that France is a land where anyone is welcome.

But by doing so, he’s formalizing a phenomenon that has been going on in Europe : Romas are not welcome, anywhere. They’re discriminated. Which is why the EU has to step in when an official move like Sarkozy’s is made. Because if the EU does not stand for them, the Romas will be the next Jews. Those who have once almost been exterminated.

Another thing, that I really do not like, is how Sarkozy is disrespecting major and global organizations, the same way George W. Bush did, when he went to war without the UN’s approval, or worse : with the UN’s disapproval.

The front page of the free newspaper "20 minutes", with members of the European Parliement holding papers saying "Equal rights for all citizens". The title says "Romas - the struggle - The European Parliement required yesterday the suspension of the Roma expulsions. A request that was rejected by Paris."

Sarkozy, by refusing the EU’s advice, is putting himself above Europe, above the laws that he wants the French people to respect so much.

So for a long time, I have been criticizing Bush’s politcs, decisions, stands. And it is not because this time, it’s a « French Bush », that I won’t criticize it as much as I did with the first one.

I will not respect that man, or see him as my president. Firstly, because I have not voted for him, nor will I ever do so. I will not respect someone who is taking advantage of the position he stole with his lies.

So when it gets to the point where the EU has to step in, and say « stop » to the man who thinks he can do whatever he wants because he’s the president, I find it worrying. Extremely worrying for the image of France in the world.

Worrying because many see France as a place where their rights are respected, where they are equal to anybody else.

Nicolas Sarkozy is apparently trying to make himself and the authorities « better » than the « random » French citizen. He probably thinks that he can say who is French and who is not.

Well, Mr. Sarkozy, you may have an identity card saying that you are a French citizen, but to me, you are everything but French. The values you should cherish, as a French citizen, you spit on, on a daily basis.

So please, leave my country.

Now, to finish this long post, I’d like to share a petition, against the Roma expulsions. It takes a minute to sign, and can have a great power, so please, if you believe in « Liberty, equality, fraternity« , please, sign it. Here is the link to it : petition to Stop Roma Expulsions.


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