Sex trafficking : the latest and worst plague of mankind

Sex trafficking is one of the worst things men have come up with. Because it is about something that is private and personal, that is worth so much : our sexuality.

Whether it’s active, passive or homosexual, sex should always be something you do because you feel like you’re ready to do so, because you have chosen to do so. It should never, under any circumstances, be forced.

Yet, it is on a daily basis. Everywhere in this world. Children and women are forced to have sex. Because if they don’t, they will get beaten up, gang raped, tortured. And all of us, are allowing it to happen. Should it be by going to see a prostitute, accepting the forced prostitution of so many because « this is how things are and have always been, it’s the oldest job in the world ».

So, because you think that it’s the oldest job in the world, it is ok? Well, it is not ok. It’s never ok. Little girls are raped every single day, for a few coins, to please some perverted men. Little girls are being tortured every day, because it is also a part of prostitution. As long as you pay, who cares what you do to her, as long as she can still have sex after? Some girls get pregnant, because you know how it is, some clients won’t like condoms, but in the end, pregnancy is not a problem. Just make them abort, and make them work the next day of the abortion. They don’t even need to be able to walk, after all, what they have to do is to lie down.

So, to show that you care, that you want to put a stop to this (or try to, at least), please, sign this petition. Just click on the link, pick your country, and put your name. That’s all it takes. One minute of your time. It is made to raise awareness, and hopefeully make a difference. But the only way it can do so, is to sign it, and spread the word. Which you have the power to do.


Une Réponse to “Sex trafficking : the latest and worst plague of mankind”

  1. Well said, Cherie. Well said.

    Now, if only more people stood up for what is right. How much better this world would be.

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